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Build Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks on the iPhone!

You-Go Builder is the essential deck building app for the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, letting players create custom decks and test their creations using the simple and streamlined interface.
It may seem overwhelming to have every single Yugioh card ever printed at your fingertips, but You-Go Builder makes finding the card you need simple with its powerful search functionality. Easily sort cards by every possible attribute, or do a custom search to find the exact spell or monster you’re looking for. Add and remove cards from your main deck, side deck or extra deck with an easy tap of the screen, perfect for assembling and tweaking decks on the go.Once you’re finished building your deck, test it out in the simulator to see if it’s ready for competition. Easily access your saved decks within the app, or email them to yourself so you can print them out or share with friends. You-Go Builder also collects up to the minute pricing information on all cards, making it an excellent reference guide for buying, selling and trading cards. Best of all, You-Go Builder is constantly being updated with the latest Yugioh set data, making sure players can always build with the latest cards.

Whether you’re a casual Yu-Gi-Oh player or a seasoned pro, You-Go Builder is the perfect deck building companion. Download it today, and get ready to duel! 

Getting You-Go Builder

You can download You-Go Builder from the Apple App Store using the link below.



Construct decks

The most comprehensive Yu-Gi-Oh deck building app yet. Build Yu-Gi-Oh decks on the go! YouGo Builder lets you build any deck you can think of, and take it wherever you go. Work on your side deck as you are lying on the beach. Every single Yu-Gi-Oh card is ready to build with. Egyptian Gods, Fusion Monsters, XYZ Creatures, Syncro Summons and more. 


Search for cards

Easily locate cards for your deck using the comprehensive search menu. Search by card name or text; Set; Type; Attribute; Level; Atk; Def; or Rarity. 


Test decks

Once your deck is constructed, you can test your deck in the simulator, complete with all gameplay zones. Draw cards and play them out to the appropriate zones with simple swipe gestures. 


Share decks 

Once your deck is complete, email it to your friends to share your masterpiece!


Always updated

When viewing a card, You-Go Builder will automatically fetch the latest card price, courtesy of These are actual prices — with one touch, you can proceed to purchase the card online. Never make a bad card trade ever again!


Designed for the iPhone

You-Go Builder incorporates everything we have learned about building iPhone apps:

  • It works even when you are offline — All essential card text is stored within the app, letting users research cards and build decks even without an active internet connection (card pictures and prices require an Internet connection).
  • Multi-threaded code to ensure you are never stuck waiting on any screen
  • It tries to consolidate as much relevant information as possible into the limited screen size

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