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Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World

Sai no dia 2 de Outubro.

Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World is the 3rd Legendary Collection Set.

“All the more reason to get excited for the last Quarter of the Year! A Stunning closer last year, LC02 was a phenomenal product bringing the duel closer to more duelists around the world. Overflowing with deck staples and other hard to get cards, Konami has hit home time and time again by creating unique and player friendly sets. Look no further, because for 2012 Konami’s gonna top themselves again by creating Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World, slated for release at the beginning of October.

Combining the best of both predecessors, the Yugioh Legendary Collection 3 will be given the Mega-Pack treatment. Each pack will contain 9 cards (including 3 foil cards per pack) from a whopping 306-card Mega Set, the largest Yugioh TCG Booster EVER! Konami has also left us with an intriguing statement; saying that there will be a brand new card the Duelist have desired but never released anywhere on Earth till now!

“There’s a lot more surprises that still have yet to be announced by Konami, so let’s keep the anticipation building!” 

Contains 306 cards:

4 Promotional cards, including “The Seal of Orichalcos“, “Five-Headed Dragon“, “Dark Necrofear“, and “Guardian Eatos“.

5  Mega-Packs, with 9 cards in each pack, including 1 Secret Rare, 1Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, 1 Rare, and 5 commons.

3  Ultra Rare Token cards, including 2 Kuriboh and one Emissary of Darkness.

1 collapsible, hard-backed, double-sided Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World game board.


LC03-EN??? Black Horn of Heaven (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Book of Moon (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Bottomless Trap Hole (foil)
LC03-EN??? Bowganian (foil)
LC03-EN??? Chain Disappearance (Common)
LC03-EN??? Chaos Sorcerer (foil)
LC03-EN??? Dark Hole (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Dark Magician Girl (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Dark Necrofear (Ultra Rare)
LC03-EN??? Dragged Down into the Grave (foil)
LC03-EN??? Five-Headed Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LC03-EN??? Flying Kamakiri #1 (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Giant Rat (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Gold Sarcophagus (Common)
LC03-EN??? Guardian Eatos (Ultra Rare)
LC03-EN??? Heavy Storm (foil)
LC03-EN??? Mirror Force (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Monster Reborn (foil)
LC03-EN??? Morphing Jar (Ultra Rare)
LC03-EN??? Mother Grizzly (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Mystic Tomato (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Mystical Space Typhoon (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Pyramid Turtle (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Raigeki Break (foil)
LC03-EN??? Reckless Greed (foil)
LC03-EN??? Royal Decree (Ultra Rare)
LC03-EN??? Reinforcement of the Army (Super Rare)
LC03-EN??? Seven Tools of the Bandit (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Shining Angel (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Solemn Judgment (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Solemn Warning (Common)
LC03-EN??? Soul Taker (Common)
LC03-EN??? The Seal of Orichalcos (Ultra Rare)
LC03-EN??? UFO Turtle (Secret Rare)
LC03-EN??? Upstart Goblin (foil)



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